From gleaming windows to sparkling floors, we help to set the mood to create the ultimate experience that will leave shoppers coming back for more.

Create the ultimate shopping experience

Immaculate & Welcoming

Through servicing many shopping facilities in Canada, Alpine understands the needs of the retail environment. We make your visitors feel at home on their shopping expedition. Our welcoming, immaculately maintained environment increases shopper confidence, happiness and loyalty.

Safe Shopping

Our team proactively monitors facilities to prevent obstacles and spills. Our service bundle includes everything from landscaping and escalator cleaning to snow removal and special event setups & breakdowns.

Service Partner

More than a service provider, we see ourselves as a partner. Our excellent customer service, attention to detail, cohesion with site staff, and a genuine willingness to go the extra mile will maintain a level of prestige in your facility so you stand out from the competition.

Standardized Operations

Your facility’s cleaning operations consist of numerous tasks that must be completed on a routine basis to ensure your facility runs smoothly. Our time-tested formula guarantees quality standardization, even with numerous tenant needs.

Customized Tenant Care

We realize tenants have unique needs based on their industry. Alpine complements your tenant value proposition with decades of experience in understanding and dealing with diverse tenant needs.

Sustainability Programs

Alpine prides itself in its commitment to Green Cleaning. Through leading technologies and best practices, our sustainability and energy efficiency programs are designed to achieve and maintain green building status.


More than clean


Custodial Services

As market leaders in retail cleaning services, we specialize in providing clean and attractive surroundings that not only makes shopping more pleasurable, it also means a more satisfying operational environment for your tenants.


Event support

We take the headache out of event setup and breakdowns. Once your tenants are done showcasing themselves, our reliable staff work around the clock to ensure all is returned back to normal.


Building Exterior

The exterior is critical to the overall appearance of your facility. We ensure the removal of dirt, grime, mold, gum, graffiti and any other unwanted buildup.


Indoor & Outdoor Landscaping

Whether outdoor or indoor, we take special care of your green spaces. We offer a multitude of services from creative and innovative design to long-term maintenance with environmentally friendly and sustainable programs.


Parking Lot Sweeping

The shopping experience begins in the parking lot. Make a good first impression with our complete outdoor commercial cleaning solution. Our regular lot sweeping and snow removal programs help maintain a clean appearance and safe shopping environment.


Tenant Cycles

When a tenant moves, we will take the pain out of cleaning and restoring the space to its original condition before the next tenant occupies the space.


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